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There are several great lists of whippet books and articles that already exist on the internet; two of the most comprehensive are linked below. Books and articles listed individually are additions to these lists and/or particularly significant.

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“Vero Shaw (1879) gives a good description of the dogs used for rabbit coursing. ‘Rabbit coursing, once so popular a sport, has gradually waned. Some ten or twenty years ago it was all the rage with that class with which the whippet is so closely associated. The dogs then used were of an entirely different stamp to the dogs of the present day; in fact they were terriers proper…With the gradual decay of rabbit coursing and the introduction of straight-out running has disappeared the type of terrier formerly used. Now speed is the main object sought for…hence to obtain speed, those interested in the breed have resorted to Italian and English Greyhound crosses; many are so finely bred that they strike the observant eye as little else than diminutive greyhounds.”

“Finally, to quote from W.D. Drury (1901) again, who would have seen the whippet both at rabbit coursing and at racing, ‘These dogs which are kept in large numbers by the working classes of the Northern counties of England, may be called the poor man’s greyhound. The breed is kept for the sport of straight running and also for rabbit coursing. The fastest dogs have been produced by a first cross with the greyhound, but those used for rabbit coursing have, generally, an infusion from the Bull-terrier or some other game blood, to give them staying powers; for to run 31 courses in a day is not only a trying test of condition, but also a severe test of gameness.”