Ally – BIF Take Five Allegro ORC CanFCh ISC

“Nacho” Farseer Nacho of Shadow Run ORC ex. “Ada” Lyth Cader Idris OTRM

Ally is the quintessential “momma’s girl” and so I took my kennel name from her. Like Bo, she began as a puppy companion for her brother Ronan, and also like him, never left. She is an amazing physical specimen and athlete and I feel lucky to have her as part of my life. Beautiful, smart, sweet, keen, agile, and blazingly fast with a beautiful running stride, what more could one ask for?

After a slow start to her racing career, she finished her ORC in just a few meets, picking up several national points along the way. The highlight of her racing career was the 2011 NOTRA Western Derby, where she finished in second place and Best Opposite, winning the final high point race by at least five lengths.

For a bitch of her size and speed, she is extremely agile and picked up her Canadian lure coursing Field Championship easily. She finished as the #4 lure coursing whippet/#7 hound in Canada in 2012 and is only 17 points away from her Field Champion Excellent title. I was hoping she would be able to complete that in 2013, but schedules didn’t cooperate. We may try in the fall of 2014 after she has her puppies.

Ally was bred in early 2014, and had six puppies on March 6th (click here to learn more). I’m looking forward to watching the next generation of beautiful and talented runners.

Pedigree and details

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Watch Ally tear up the 350m at Roy, WA:

Video courtesy of John Berg.