Ally X Rojito


Ally gave birth to six puppies on March 6, 2014, four boys and two girls. Her whelping was uneventful and she is being a great mom. Click here to see pictures of the puppies.

Update: Ally was bred to Rojito the first week of January, 2014. Their puppies are expected to be born on or around March 4th. If you’d like to get on the list for one of Ally’s puppies, or want to learn more about them, please contact us.

Fall 2014: I’m very excited to announce that Ally will be bred to Susan Heiniger’s and Mike Hattery’s Rojito (Vitesse Quetzalcoatl CR OTRM) in January 2014. My goal with this litter is to produce easy-to-live-with companions that are able to compete in any activity their owners may choose, and do so for a long time. As such, my top two priorities in looking for a stud dog were a small to moderate size and a solid temperament, from a healthy and athletically proven line. Rojito has that in spades. At 19″ and 28 lbs, he complements Ally’s size, and his personality is awesome. He’s super keen, happy, and outgoing, and neither aggressive nor dominant; his tail is always wagging! In racing, he has a great break, not one of Ally’s strengths, an awesome oval technique, and nice stride. I expect he will do well on the lure coursing field when he tries that in 2014 (his litter sister, Giselle, is already an FC). A well put together dog, he has no major conformational flaws, a nice head and ears, and a pretty face with the dark eyebrows I love.

Rojito’s sire is Lysander (Vitesse Lysander), brother of the diminutive but speedy Poly (Vitesse Hippolyta SRCh BRRCh) and his dam is the fast and happy Dani (2010 NAWRA and WRA Nationals winner Ariodante Vitesse SRCh-II, ORC). He has Rens (European and Dutch Racing Champion English Express) behind him on both sides of his pedigree, which adds genetic diversity. Rens is behind many of today’s successful European racing whippets and is a handsome dog to boot.

With both their complementary and similar traits, Susan, Mike, and I are expecting these two will produce sweet and easy-to-live-with pets that are also keen, speedy, and beautiful runners. For more information on Ally, please check out her page.

Stay tuned for updates on timing and progress of the pregnancy.

Click here for a picture of Rojito in action at the 2013 NOTRA National.

Click here for the pedigree of this litter. The Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) at 7 generations is only 3.47%.