Welcome to Take Five Whippets

Take Five Whippets is a small hobby “kennel” located in Portland, Oregon, part of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My whippets are first and foremost beloved pets and companions. They live in the house, sleep in the bedroom, and even have their own room with a dog door to the backyard. As companions, it is very important that they have good temperaments and are easy to live with. It’s just as important that they be healthy and free of genetic diseases and defects. I also like my whippets to be beautiful and able to perform the functions for which they were bred, and perform them well.

We participate in racing, lure coursing, nose work, and the occasional dog show. These activities are fun for both the people and dogs – watching these athletes at work is a rare combination of aesthetic and emotional enjoyment. The dogs appear to love it even more. They are born to run and they chase after their ‘prey’ with extreme keenness and enthusiasm. These events also act as a means of maintaining and improving the whippet as a breed. Each one is a test of the whippets’ abilities to perform their historical purposes – racing and rabbit coursing.

I strongly believe whippets can and should be both beautiful and functional and that good function is beauty. Like the old saying goes, “Beauty is as beauty does.”

Please come in and look around.

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